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Strengthen your detective skills as a parent.


Search the teen room for clues that might indicate drug or alcohol use.

Hidden in Plain Sight is a room the coalition offers to set up at various events/locations to inform parents on what drugs or alcohol their child could be experimenting with or using. There are multiple items that are hidden in plain sight throughout the room. Items are hidden as room décor, foods, and concealed in everyday items. The scary part is all items can be purchased online. We at Drug Free Tipton feel it is important for parents to be informed and address problems early in order to prevent negative consequences of using/becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

A closer look at some of the items: (pics)

420 ITEMS: 420 or April 20th has become known as a pot smoking holiday where participants celebrate and partake in cannabis use. Items have been designed with this logo and those owning such items identify themselves as part of the marijuana life and community.


CUSTOM CANS: Custom cans such as these pictures have false bottoms or middles and can be used to store drugs. They are on the market in many brands, sizes, forms, etc and are sold as diversion safes.

DRINKING GAMES: Beer pong and other drinking games can lead to excessive drinking. There are many negative effects and consequences of underage drinking.

BOOK SAFE: Books can be ordered as hidden safes and used to store drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia.

WATCH: This particular watch is a grinder and can be used to grind various types of drugs.

ELECTRONIC NICOTINE DEVICES: Can come in many shapes and sizes but are caring the same if not more nicotine. They are highly addictive and more compact than in the past. They also allow teens fruity flavors that reduces the lingering smell on clothes. They can fit in your pocket and this particular one a JUUL, can charge in your computer, and be easily mistaken as a flash drive. Also pictured is a vape pen that can come in different shapes and sizes and be mistaken for an eraser.


FOOD DIVERSION CANS: Just like the custom cans are considered diversion safes, these and many other food products can be used as for this as well. The peanut butter and pringles are both diversion safes. The pringles can actually has pringles in the top but the bottom can be used as a safe.

FLASK: Flask can be used to hide alcohol. Flask can be purchased in all different shapes and sizes. For instance these lotion and sunscreen bottles were purchased as flask and came with a funnel. The options for flask are many with some including hairbrushes, tampon cases, flip flops, etc. Be aware of this and check your teen’s rooms and bags.

CLOCK: Clocks can also be used as a hidden safe.

COMPUTER: With a computer teens have access to the internet where they can find whatever they need to know about drugs and alcohol. Remember to check the history often to see what sites are being visited and monitor computer time. Like computers cell phones should be monitored as well, especially for apps that hint at drug use. The number of marijuana related apps is growing and includes apps that provide where to find marijuana and entertainment when wanting to get high.


EYE DROPS: Eye drops can be used to cover up red eye caused with frequent marijuana use. Febreeze can also be used to cover up the smell of marijuana and other drugs.

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