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Prescription Medication

  • Get smart about drugs 

    • A DEA resource for parents, educators, and caregivers​

  • Permanent Medication Lockboxes 

    • Tipton County Sheriff's Office 

    • Atoka Police Department 

    • Covington Police Department 

    • Brighton Police Department 

    • Munford Police Deparmtent 

Underage Drinking

Narcan Training

  • Naloxone (or NarcanTM) is a proven tool in the battle against drug abuse and overdose death. When too much of an opioid medication is taken, it can slow breathing to a dangerously low rate. When breathing slows too much, overdose death can occur. Naloxone can reverse this potentially fatal situation by allowing the person to breathe normally again. 

  • Naloxone is not a dangerous medicine. However, proper training is required by law. Any time an overdose is suspected, first responders should be notified by calling 911 immediately and stay with the patient until first responders arrive. It is important to know that some patients may awake disoriented or agitated after receiving naloxone. This is a good sign, but calling 911 is still very important to help the person survive.​​

  • For local Narcan training email Madelynn Ross at

Resources for Parents

  • West Tennessee Drug Screens

  • Professional Care Services

    • Location: 199 Hwy 51 South, Covington 38019​

  • Safe Harbor 

    • Location: 1495 Dunlap Orphanage Road, Brighton, TN 38011​

  • Hope Restored Counseling Treatment

  • Celebrate Recovery

    • Locations: Programs happening at First Baptist Church, Covington, TN, and Restoration Church, Munford, TN

  • Center of Excellence in Addiction Medicine

Drug Treatment and Testing

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